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Lucca’s water-pipe – L’acquedotto del Nottolini

Are you in Lucca and would like to see something more than city walls, towers and churches? Would you like to take a walk in the countryside, but don’t...

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Vegan Fest 2018

This year on April 14th and 15th Lucca will host the biggest European Vegan event, a great occasion to follow your Vegan believes or to get to know this...

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Pisa’s Natural History Museum: the Museum in the Chartusian Monastery

Pisa’s Natural History Museum is located in the magnificent Certosa (Carthusian Monastery) di Calci and is one of the most ancient museums in the world. It was founded in...

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State Museums and Archaeological Sites in Tuscany: Enjoying art and culture for free once a month

Ever wondered if there’s a way to visit the beautiful State Museums and Archaeological Sites in Tuscany without spending a cent? Some of them adhere to the ‘Domenica Al...

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Lucca’s hidden gem

Sortita S Paolino/S Croce, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy You may already know Lucca’s enchanted walls, you may have seen a picture, heard a story or have taken a walk on...

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Bolgheri is a small village located a few km north-west from Castagneto Carducci at the heart of the Maremma Livornese. This old village is built around the medieval castle...

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